WhatsApp Opposes Indian Government, Says New Social Rules End User Privacy

India’s new social rules went into effect today, May 26, 2020. Major social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, have had three months to comply with the new guidelines to ensure proper operation. Unfortunately, most of the major social media platforms are not yet complying with the new rules and guidelines. While platforms such as Facebook and Google have ensured compliance with the new IT rules, the secure messaging platform WhatsApp opposes the new guidelines. Also read – WhatsApp will soon let you hide for the last time from a scary stalker

According to the new IT rules, social media companies such as WhatsApp must have provisions for “identifying the first sender of information”. This clearly goes against basic WhatsApp end-to-end encryption policies on all messages. Time and time again, the Facebook-owned messaging platform has reminded users, even when the updated privacy policy was announced, that all messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. In other words, no one, including WhatsApp and Facebook, can read users’ private messages. Also read – WhatsApp will stop working for some Android and iOS phones from November 1

According to the messaging platform, India’s new IT rules kill the concept of end-to-end encryption, which ensures that messages on the platform are secure and encrypted. Challenging this aspect of the new social rules, Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has moved the High Court to Delhi. The petition was filed on May 25. Also Read – Upcoming WhatsApp Features: New Reactions to Chat Bubble Messages, Overview of New Features That May Be Launched Soon

In an official statement to BGR India, a spokesperson for WhatsApp said: “requiring messaging apps to ‘track’ chats is like asking us to keep a fingerprint of every message sent on WhatsApp, which would break end-to-end encryption and fundamentally infringe on people’s right to privacy. .. “”We have consistently joined with civil society and experts around the world to oppose demands that would violate the privacy of our users.“, added the spokesperson.

Despite the questioning of the new social rules, WhatsApp assured that it “will continue to work with the Government of India on practical solutions to keep people safe, including responding to valid legal requests for the information we have.

In a new official webpage released today, WhatsApp claims that “traceability reverses the way law enforcement typically investigates crimes”. “In a typical law enforcement request, a government asks technology companies to provide information about the account of a known person. With traceability, a government would provide a tech company with a piece of content and ask who sent it first.The web page added.

To trace even one message, services would have to trace each message. This is because there is no way to predict what message a government would want to investigate in the future. In doing so, a government that chooses to impose traceability is effectively imposing a new form of mass surveillance.“, further explained the message.

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