What the new social districts law could mean for Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Drinking alcohol in public will usually get you in trouble with the police, but thanks to a new law passed by the General Assembly, cities will now have the possibility of creating social districts.

Basically, this would allow ABC Board licensed bars and restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons who would then be allowed to leave the bar — with their drink in hand.

Customers should stay in the social district while drinking.

Nothing has been approved by city council so far, but Wilmington’s director of legislative affairs Tony McEwen has said it is something the city is considering. Security is one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to authorizing something like this, McEwen stressed that if approved, it wouldn’t be a game for everyone.

“The drink should be in a cup that has been pre-approved and representative of the particular social district and you know, that way, that allows those watching the situation, the social district to keep an eye on the origin of the drink. , so no, that wouldn’t be someone walking into a convenience store and picking up a glass container or a big can and walking around town where they want — no, ”he said.

There would also be restrictions on where people would be allowed to take their drinks.

“They can’t take that drink to another ABC establishment, however, if a retailer chooses to allow someone into their establishment with one of these drinks, they could do so if it was in that neighborhood. social, ”McEwen said.

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