What the controversy around Biden’s behavior says about changing social norms

Frank Dobbin:

Well, the problem is, the law is not very clear on this.

What the court cases say is unwanted sexual touching or unwanted physical touching. But who says who wants it? I mean, obviously in this case, Biden thought he was friendly in those cases, and so he – I guess he thought the women who came forward wanted that contact.

But I think there’s a bigger problem, which is that we’ve tried to prevent harassment with sexual harassment training, and it’s not working. This does not change the incidents of harassment in the workplace. It can make matters worse by exacerbating the behavior of the worst types of stalkers to begin with.

He tends to preach in the choir. And then our solution, when people are being harassed, is a complaints process in most businesses that doesn’t work, that backfires on us, and that women don’t use because they know they are. will not get any resolution.

So when you asked earlier, is it easier now than it used to be, easier, I think, to denounce a high profile man, a senator or a CEO of a company or Jeffrey Weinstein. But, you know, for the person whose manager is harassing her at a McDonald’s at 11 p.m., she really has no one to turn to, because her only real remedy is to talk to her manager, who is probably the person harassing them, or using a grievance process that they know won’t produce positive results because they never do.

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