What Peter Scanavino really thinks about Law & Order fan hatred


Thanks to social media, anyone can take their opinions to the masses, and if you have a particular hatred for yourself, you can research what people think of you with just the push of a button. In an age where comment sections have the power to destroy your soul, you need to be careful wading through these waters online. Apparently Peter Scanavino didn’t get the memo, and he researched what some fans had to say about him online.

He spoke of the experience to Hollywood journalist and how he dealt with being fogged up as a new guy in the neighborhood. He said: “It was my first TV show, but I also did a lot of plays and was filmed in plays, but you don’t let it affect you. get bogged down in it. You have to bet on yourself, bet that what you are doing is good, even if it turns out not to be good, at least you know that you did what you wanted to do and that you did not let yourself guide by someone’s opinion about you. “

Fortunately, these types of reactions were rare. Over time, fans seemed to have warmed up to Carisi. He went on to describe the episode where things started to change: “In an episode called ‘The Wrath of Glasgow’, where there was a mentally unstable person who we thought could be the killer and I was able to talking to him and identifying with him and I had very loving scenes with him. That’s when the fans started to turn around and say, ‘This guy isn’t just a brash guy. of Staten Island, but he has a heart and he is able to listen. ‘”Today, Carisi’s scenes are often the highlights of episodes, and he has become an invaluable member of the Law & Order team. .


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