Vital New Social Storybook teaches “social rules” and “having a conversation” to children with autism


What’s the right thing to say at the right time? How do you react when someone cries, laughs or gets angry? While it may be obvious to many children, these answers can seem mysterious and intimidating to those with autism. The acclaimed Social story books of Natural Learning Concepts ( help demystify these kinds of questions, showing children how to engage socially through simple stories, situations and examples. Natural Learning Concepts’ newest social storybook, “Social Rules” and “Having a Conversation” increases conversation and social skills with bright, friendly and humorous depictions of everyday conversations and interactions that teach while entertaining.

To celebrate its release, Natural Learning Concepts is offering the book for a special half-price of $ 5, to the first 500 customers only. Please use promo code 5812642 to take advantage of this offer.

“Socialization is such a normal part of everyday life for most people,” comments Natural Learning Concepts co-founder Jene aviram. “It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be without the ability to interpret other people’s expression or reactions. Fortunately, this skill can be learned. This new book of social stories explains how to handle interactions. social in a structured and entertaining way that autistic children appreciate and relate to. ”

The first part of the new book of social stories, “Social Rules“, clarifies social dynamics such as how to react when a person cries, stumbles or gets angry. When is it appropriate or necessary to apologize? How do you politely interrupt and answer questions? All of these daily events are explained in the colorful new headline, beautifully illustrated by talented artist Genaro Paez.

The book also provides a valuable look at “Having a Conversation,” a stimulating concept for those on the spectrum. Through charming examples, children learn to engage in conversation, maintain interaction, and assess both positive and negative reactions. The importance of listening and learning about others is clearly demonstrated, teaching children social nuances and appropriate responses.

“It’s already one of the most popular social story books in the series,” comments co-founder Jocelyn Blum. “It helps children understand the ebb and flow of a conversation. The story teaches children to engage in everyday situations that can sometimes seem so intimidating and intimidating.”

As always with NLC Social Storybooks, at the end of each section, a list of comprehension questions helps the parent or teacher discuss the stories and skills with the child, for better retention and understanding.

As a new book of social stories from Natural Learning Concepts, “Social Rules” and “Having a Conversation” are currently available to the first 500 customers for a special half price of just $ 5. To take advantage of this incredible pricing opportunity, please visit, and enter promo code 5812642.

About Natural Learning Concepts ‘Social Storybooks’

A very popular title series that skillfully and entertainingly tackles two related topics per book, Natural Learning Concepts Social Storybooks can be found in homes and classrooms around the world. Each social storybook includes two social skills stories that address typical daily challenges in the life of a child with autism, each section ending with a set of comprehension questions, so that teachers and parents can explore the lesson. with the child for maximum efficiency and understanding. . A prototype of each storybook is created by co-founders Aviram and Blum, with its appeal and effectiveness, then evaluated and tested by children themselves on the autism spectrum. The story is edited until it meets children’s approval, and only then does the new title go into production as the final Social Storybook title from Natural Learning Concepts. With simple, user-friendly text and charming illustrations, it’s no wonder that the NLC’s social story books are widely used by parents, professionals, and children across the autism spectrum.

Natural Learning Concepts has a huge range of social skills story titles available now, including Say Excuse Me, Please & Thank You, “Talking About My Day” and “When Things Change”, “The Field “and” The Beach “,” Getting Angry “and” Sharing “,” Answering Questions “and” Saying “Hi” and “Goodbye” “,” The Restaurant “and” The Movies “, and” Exercises ” fire ”and“ The Assembly ”, to name a few. Each social story book is priced at just $ 9.95 and is available for immediate and secure purchase on the Natural Learning Concepts website at

About Natural Learning Concepts

Natural Learning Concepts is committed to accepting, celebrating and understanding people with autism for who they are. Their range of outstanding inspirational books, materials and content are designed to facilitate communication and increase speech, language and comprehension while having fun. All of the material on the Natural Learning Concepts website is used to teach children at all levels of the autistic spectrum as well as those diagnosed with PDD-NOS, Asperger’s, ADHD, and speech and language delays. The company’s material is commonly used for ABA therapy, social story books for autism, early intervention, and verbal behavior analysis. Parents, teachers and other loved ones love to use these tools to celebrate and work with this special child in their life who has autism.

Please visit the Natural Learning Concepts website to learn more, as well as to participate in its diverse and passionate online community, at Also, don’t miss its exciting and successful Employment community, To

For more information about Natural Learning Concepts or its products, please contact Publicist Angela Mitchell at (904) 982-8043.

In the meantime, to contact founders Jene Aviram or Jocelyn Blum directly for interviews, quotes or discussions on materials and approaches for children with autism, please call 1-800-823-3430 or (631) 858- 0188. Review copies of Social Storybooks and other great NLC products are gladly provided to the press upon request.



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