This week in eLearning: Instructure, an LMS for rugby coaches and a preschool initiative in the Bahamas

Instructure, Inc. recently announced the acquisition of Practice, an applied video micro-learning solution. The acquisition suggests that in the future, Instructure’s platforms, including Canvas, will expand their video-based teaching forms, but the acquisition may also indicate Instructure’s interest in forging Connections to established Practice clients, including those of some of the best in the country. medical schools.

Practice was founded in 2011 and is based in Philadelphia and San Francisco. The company’s customers include Comcast, Domino’s Pizza, NBC Universal, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Medical School, and UCSF Medical School. As Practice joins Instructure, which is the umbrella company known for its multiple products including Canvas, Gauge, Arc, and Bridge, there is speculation that the acquisition could be based as much on Practice technology as it is on its customer base.

Firm video micro-learning solutions

As noted in Instructure’s press release regarding the acquisition, “Organizations are using Practice to create a scalable way for teams to frequently practice their skills and receive useful and timely feedback through the power of peer assessment and video coaching. With a focus on training, feedback, and measurable improvement, Practice can be integrated with Instructure’s product offerings including Bridge for corporate learning and talent management, Canvas in the education space, and Arc in the video learning space.

The practice, which was initiated by teachers, was developed to address a problem. As stated on their website, “Classrooms and training sessions had gotten boring. A one-to-many model of teaching had taken over the world. Traditional education and corporate learning was broken, but we had a way to fix things to help people develop real skills. Specifically, Practice’s learning methodology mimics effective face-to-face teaching by providing organizations “the ability to tailor key components: frequent practice, interactions with peers, personal reflection, coaching and feedback. both frank and helpful. The practice works for small groups and giant businesses.

For all of these reasons, Practice’s mobile and web video technologies may prove to have the greatest impact on Instructure’s talent management and training solutions. By enabling cohesive feedback and interactive coaching and assessment, Practice’s video technologies have the potential to help employees build stronger relationships with their peers, managers, and a host of other social actors in the workplace. job. [Read more …]

Velpic Ltd, an Australian eLearning business management and learning system (LMS) provider has been helping businesses and institutions train their employees since their inception three years ago. But as of this month, the company has had a different kind of customer: the Australian National Rugby League (NRL). On Monday, the company announced the launch of its new LMS for professional rugby players and coaches.

The cloud-based LMS is intended to facilitate the coaching process. With the software, a coach can review games, draw athletes ‘attention to relevant images of upcoming opponents, test athletes’ knowledge, keep them up to date with the team’s schedule, and generally stay connected.

The LMS also includes several other modules and units on topics such as wellness, public conduct and how to maintain respectful relationships on and off the pitch.

He was first ridden with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Under 20 team and other junior teams.

“The Velpic process from a coaching standpoint is exceptional,” said Andy Patmore, development manager for the Bulldogs, according to the Velpic blog. “We give information to the players, they can analyze it, keep it, and we can actually test whether they learned it or not later in the process.”

“[T]The Velpic online education process enables players to develop throughout their game, from their playing on the field to their well-being to their educational process. This builds a deeper and stronger player and allows them to perform at a higher level in all areas. “

Based on their success with the Bulldogs, Velpic has now made it available throughout the NRL.

“We are extremely happy that our work with the Canterbury Bulldogs has brought us to the attention of the NRL and that we have been trusted as an online partner for such a strategic project,” said Russell Francis, CEO of Velpic, according to Proactive Investors. “We look forward to helping the NRL roll out its blended learning strategy in 2018.”

Velpic first used his LMS with rugby, but nothing in the software specifically relates to rugby itself. It can be used as a training tool for any sport. [Read more …]

On Monday, the Bahamas officially launched the Government Hill Rejuvenation Pre-Assessment Phase Program with the first of its efforts: an e-learning pilot project at the Willard Patton Preschool.

The e-learning pilot project hopes to increase digital literacy and the use of technology in the classroom for the country’s youngest students. With increased funds, preschoolers will receive tablets and associated educational software. Their Learning Management System (LMS) will also allow teachers and parents to access their children’s progress and performance.

Once the rollout is complete, eleven preschools will benefit from the program: six on New Providence (the country’s largest island that includes Nassau) and five in Family Islands.

The Willard Patton Kindergarten is located in the Over-the-Hill neighborhoods of Nassau, which refers to the historically disadvantaged areas of the city that were originally separated from the Mall by the British Governor’s landholdings.

Newly elected Prime Minister Hubert Minnis grew up in one of these neighborhoods, and his broad government agenda aims to tackle poverty and gang activity with far-reaching efforts. Among other things, he hopes to encourage business development in parts of the city, the use of green technologies and an improved public education system to empower young people in the Bahamas.

“I am grateful that the Ministry of Education has agreed to include in the pilot project [the] Willard patton [Preschool], the only autonomous preschool in the Over-the-Hill community, ”Premier Minnis said Monday, according to The Bahamas Weekly.

“We seek to equalize educational opportunities for all children in the Bahamas,” Minnis continued. “The circumstances of birth should never prevent anyone from being successful in life. We encourage the continued support of parents in this initiative. Your participation will have a positive impact in their life. [Read more …]

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