The weekend shooting claimed the life of the Roanoke Councilman’s brother-in-law | Crime News


The assailant fired, Williams said.

In the previous altercation, the assailant, a white man, called Williams, a black man, “n —–,” Tina Jeffrey said.

“When he asked her ‘Is everything okay now?’ they said he said ‘no, n —– that’s not cool’ and that’s when he started pulling the trigger, ”said Tina Jeffrey .

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The girlfriend “was standing right next to him when he was shot,” Tina Jeffrey said.

The girlfriend called shortly after the incident and since then “I still haven’t had any peace,” Tina Jeffrey said.

She has already lost several of her family and friends to gun violence in the Roanoke area, she said.

“When I grew up,” said Tina Jeffrey, 50, an esthetician with a salon on Campbell Avenue, “you could argue and play on the playground with the same person you fought with hours later. . “

She finds it difficult to consider that people can “carry this type of aggression or hate in your heart for weeks on end and let it manifest to the point where you take part of someone’s family for some reason.” something so insignificant ”.

Now, “the action that took place forever changed not only our family but, once again, just [placed] another stain on this beautiful city that we call Roanoke, ”she said.


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