The police are struggling to find agents

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) – The Leon County Sheriff’s Office sworn in new officers on Friday afternoon.

It comes after Governor Ron Desantis offered bonuses to first responders – trying to recruit officers.

“My father is a cop. My mother is a cop. It therefore seemed fair to me to enter the police force,” said Gabriel Rosmini, who was sworn in on Friday.

Being an MP in Leon County is a job Rosmini said he couldn’t refuse.

“Coming here was in itself a bonus. Benefits, a take-out car, better equipment, a higher salary and the ability to live where I live. “

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office isn’t the only law enforcement agency offering benefits. In fact, it’s a trend across the country as agencies struggle to recruit and keep agents. According to National Police Foundation, the reasons for these shortcomings include social, economic and political factors.

“There is an intensified recruiting effort by law enforcement and corrections,” said Ron Cave, chief of staff and deputy sheriff in the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. He says the ministry offers incentives to join.

“We are sponsoring people to go to the academy on both the law enforcement and corrections side. We have also provided incentives on the corrections side for employees to present good quality candidates to us. “

The Leon County Sheriff’s Department said it was recruiting new officers well. You can find more information on how you can apply for a position right now with the Sheriff’s Office by going to their website.

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