Strong women shouldn’t have to apologize for defying social norms

Strong women are often criticized by society for defying patriarchal norms and refusing to limit their existence to stereotypes. They are fearless, opinionated and know their rights well. Obviously, our patriarchal society feels intimidated by these strong women and wastes no time labeling them as rude, haughty and selfish. They are expected to apologize for their behavior when all they do is refuse to settle for anything less than their rights.

A strong woman can be any woman who puts herself above everything else. But the problem is that when women become aware of their needs and desires, they are labeled as selfish. In our society, it is not common for women to be outspoken and determined. They are expected to be submissive and servile. But when women break the norm and are different, or let me rephrase, choose to live as humans and not as servants, they are considered unsanskari for their defiance. They are ashamed of not being like other women.

Men, on the other hand, are never criticized for putting themselves first. They never feel guilty for not thinking about others or society. Moreover, when men stand up for their rights, it is seen as their duty. It is considered natural for men to react when something bad happens to them. But women are expected to be silent and bear all the injustice to preserve their izzat and that of their family. The very fact that society expects strong women to apologize indicates that society has different rules for men and women. And now that women can see through this hypocrisy, pretending we’re meant to live the way society wants us to is not an option.

Why is being submissive considered a woman’s duty? Shouldn’t women ever fight for their rights? Should women sacrifice their well-being to maintain the status quo of society?

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Strength is never a defect, it is a character trait that is found in both men and women. A strong woman does not shame society, indeed her courage is a matter of pride and her determination often goes unnoticed. A strong woman helps build the framework of a resilient country by contributing economically and socially. She won’t hesitate to scream harassment, discrimination and oppression. It will go further and require changes in the infrastructure – both in our families and in society, and in the workplace, to pave the way for more women to pursue their dreams. She has within her the ability to dream big and work hard to achieve her goals and in doing so, she becomes a role model for other women.

Beyond that, a strong woman is empathetic to others and ensures that equality and empowerment don’t stop at her doorstep. After all, it takes a different kind of strength to stand up for others and cheer when they succeed.

So before you ask strong women to apologize, remember what you are putting on the line. Rethink whether it is women who should apologize for their strength and power or society for being an obstacle to success. empowerment of women and the country.

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