Saudi Arabia: Postal law violators face fine of up to SR 5 million


The accused, who had pleaded not guilty, will be deported at the end of his sentence.
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Dubai: Violators of Saudi Arabia’s Postal Law and its executive regulations will face heavy fines of up to SR 5 million, local media reported.

Anyone who violates the provisions of the law and its regulations will also be subject to other punitive measures apart from heavy fines.

The sanctions include the suspension of the service of the establishment implicated in the infringement; suspension of the license or part of it for a period not exceeding three years, and revocation of the license.

A fine will be imposed for each day of infringement if the offender continues to commit the infringement after being informed of the decision of the committee concerned. The fine will also be doubled in the event of a repeat offense during the year.

By law, it is mandatory for courier and parcel transport service providers to keep in their custody postal items and packages containing materials classified as prohibited or items that violate public order or infringe public order. reputation and security of the country, and they must inform the relevant authorities about it.

Courier and parcel service providers should also keep postal documents and parcels in their custody in the event that a competent government agency has approached them with an official request in this regard on the grounds of maintaining security or public interest.

According to the provisions of the law, it is also obligatory for the service providers to keep the postal material in case of impossibility of delivery. At the same time, the beneficiary has the right to inquire about the status of the postal items dispatched within a specified period.

There are also provisions in the law according to which if someone has received a postal item or a parcel which does not belong to him, or has received it in violation of the provisions of the law or the implementing regulations, he must immediately inform the service provider and the equipment will be collected from him. The service provider must then send the material to its original owner.


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