Powerhouse Company designs the interior of a law firm in Amsterdam

the central company architecture studio has designed the interior of the offices of a large law firm in Amsterdam, located in the hourglass building. Designed by an architectural firm Dam & Partners and completed in 2020, the building owes its name to its iconic sloping stone facades that give it its characteristic hourglass shape. The law firm occupies twelve of the eighteen floors of the Hourglass building. The first ten floors house the company’s offices, followed by six floors occupied by a short-stay hotel, then a floor with different types of spaces for customer briefings, and finally the loft which is the social heart of the building, where various social events are hosted.

Transparency, inclusiveness and high quality are the fundamental values ​​of the company, which the architects of the central company studio have embraced and integrated welcoming workspaces for customers and employees, starting with the building’s spectacular main atrium. The architects have in fact remodeled the atrium to create what they describe as a “open spacewhich, flooded with natural light, welcomes and positively impresses clients, beautifully balancing the more closed and compact office space required for the type of legal advisory services offered by the firm. A total of 750 workstations are organized in closed spaces to ensure the privacy necessary for the work of lawyers. On the other hand, open work spaces have been set up in the corners of each floor for support activities requiring less privacy. Hidden from the common areas, the interior atrium vertically connects the different office floors, while also becoming a private environment for employees, with meeting, reading and working areas located on each floor.

The materials and color palettes have been carefully crafted by the architects of the central company studio, harmonizing custom-designed elements, such as in the library, with vintage furniture from the company’s former offices, creating spaces that feel similar and familiar even if completely different from each other.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Powerhouse Company photo by Sebastian van Damme Photography

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Size: 17,000 m2
Status: Completed
Typology: Office interior


Architect: Powerhouse Company
Project management: CBRE
Carpentry: Finitouch, Smeulders
Vintage furniture: Morentz
Bulk Furniture: FacilitylinQ, Branding
Partitions: Plan Effect


Project managers: Sandra Brus Pylczewska, Dirk Jan Schaap
Project team: Nolly Vos, Koen van den Dungen, Anoek Bras, Philip Weber, Gert Ververs, Erwin van Strien, Giovanni Andrea Coni, Maarten Diederix, Michael James Lucas, Myriam Mahi, Ryanne Janssen, Stavros Voskaris, Niek van der Putten, Caya Dikken, Helene Pedersen

Photos: Sebastian van Damme Photography

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