one article defined racism as social norms, policies and laws that disadvantage a race

Is racism still racism if it is against whites?

Racism is about power. I read an article that defined racism as the social norms, policies, and laws that discriminate against a race. It made me reconsider my feeling about the social race discussion that is taking place in America today. This definition is a different definition from the one I read in the dictionary, which said that racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits.

Racism in America does not put whites at a disadvantage. Many racist statements are made against whites. All white people are racists is a case in point. It is natural to generalize, it is even a characteristic of intelligence. We ask the children to group together things that are similar to teach this.

But regrouping is not the same as racism.

All kittens are cute, it’s different from all black people, you can’t trust. In America today, racial statements against whites are not racism because they do not affect the power dynamics of race in our society. If there was nothing wrong with being Black in America, then comments about the breed wouldn’t be more important than comments about kittens.

Racism is a problem in America because it causes the black segment of our population to live shorter lives, to be treated differently by our justice system, our medical system, our education system, and many other systems.

To say that racism against whites is racism is to miss the point. This is fallacy. Racism is a problem in America, a problem that has existed for too long. It is a colossal problem, with no simple remedies. It is a disease like cancer, and as difficult to eradicate as cancer. It appears in different places, causes different damage and must be fought just like our fight against cancer.

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