Legal Expert Explains Legal Possibilities With Tire Sampson Amusement Park Case

( – New details emerge as an investigation into the death of a St. Louis County teenager at a Florida amusement park continues.

Tire Sampson, 14, of Berkeley, died during a thrill ride at Icon Park in Orlando, Florida last week.

The Fair Rides Division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services released a report on the tragedy on Tuesday, which says that when the FreeFall race came to a halt, Sampson’s harness was still in position. low and locked.

Although there are still many questions about what led the teenager to fall from the carousel, a law professor at SLU told News 4 that he thinks there will be enough pressure on the operator of the carousel. arena and the park to make sure this matter is resolved. before any legal action.

“I guess it will sort itself out very quickly. It might even settle without a trial, said John Ammann, professor emeritus at the SLU School of Law. “But if there is a trial even after that, it will be settled very quickly. 98% of civil cases get settled, and it’s no different from most cases in that regard.

Sampson’s father told News 4 that Sampson weighs well over 300 pounds, but the ride’s manual lists a weight limit of 287 pounds.

Ammann says that even though weight came into play as the cause of Sampson’s fall, he thinks it will be difficult for plaintiffs to assign blame to a 14-year-old child.

“It was not a merry-go-round. It took people over 400 feet and then there was a fall. Very dangerous activity,” Ammann said. “And you can’t expect a 14-year-old to understand all the dangers that go with it. And the people on the ground operating the ride had the best last clear chance of preventing what happened, most likely by telling him not to ride or adjusting the safety devices.

Ammann says that in this case, it’s possible that at least three or more different groups are ultimately held responsible for the tragic death: the ride designer, the manufacturer, and the operator.

“The three or more defendants here are all going to point fingers at each other, there’s no doubt about that,” he said. these defendants and also partly if they quarrel, partly to the young man himself as plaintiff.

Ammann added: ‘While the person who actually tied him up may have been negligent, they will look into that, that person is not your primary defendant. And a lot of lawyers wouldn’t even sue that person, because the company that employed them would be liable no matter what.

Meanwhile, tons of support continue to pour in for Sampson and his family. Midtown Community Services, an afterschool program Tire Sampson was part of in St. Louis, released a statement on social media expressing sympathy for his family.

The statement said in part:

“Tyre was a friend to everyone, always looked out for the younger kids in Midtown, and was Ania’s best big brother. He was also a dedicated student and star athlete.

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