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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to improve infection control measures, Nevada passed SB4, which addressed public health issues to protect workers and businesses. The pandemic and the regulation of SB4 have created several changes and disruptions for all types of businesses, including law firms. MLG Injury Law of Henderson wanted to explain to the public how the effects of COVID-19 influenced bodily injury evaluations. This pandemic has caused not only our local community in Henderson to assess personal injury cases differently, but the world.

One of the most common effects of COVID-19 on the assessment of bodily injury cases in Nevada has been access to medical treatment. Before the pandemic, it was easier for people to receive the continuing care they needed after an injury or disability. However, as hospitals filled with more COVID-19 patients and faced staff shortages, elective treatment was not a priority. Many people need physical therapy or other elective care after an accident. When people cannot access the treatments they need in a timely manner, waiting for them can cause delays in the court process for medical assessments. In some cases, neglecting medical care can have negative health effects.

Another way personal injury cases have been affected is court delays. As restrictions were observed in 2020, many court proceedings have been delayed to avoid face-to-face gatherings. The hearings had to be rescheduled and postponed. The schedule changes caused long delays. However, some courts now manage certain types of hearings remotely using video conferencing software. Courts typically provide insight into how they handle cases during the pursuit of COVID-19 in 2021 and beyond.

Business is also affected by slower negotiations and lower settlement offers. Slower negotiations can be linked to personnel changes, operational changes and other factors. For many companies, insurers or individuals, financial difficulties have led to reduced payment capacity in 2020 and 2021. Some have even had to file for bankruptcy, reducing the ability of some victims to receive compensation. Additionally, injury victims who experience delays and financial hardship may be more inclined to accept low settlement offers directly.

While it may be tempting for many people to accept an offer of direct settlement after experiencing delays and other issues related to COVID-19, MLG Injury Law encourages injured people to work with damage attorneys. injury to Henderson to ensure that injured victims have the best chance of a successful outcome. Despite the hardships the pandemic has created, lawyers at MLG Injury Law will continue to work hard on behalf of clients to help them overcome their difficulties. The company also plans to continue to provide its services to the best of its ability during any possible future delays. MLG Injury Law posted this announcement to answer some of the common questions about delays or disruptions in personal injury cases.

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