It’s good not to be well: Malaysian singer Abigail tackles social norms and stereotypes in her debut single ‘Status Quo’ (VIDEO) | Show biz

Rocketfuel Entertainment’s newest artist Abigail makes her debut with “Status Quo”.

KUALA LUMPUR, February 9 – The first single from singer Abigail titled status quo has an underlying post the 21-year-old would like to share.

Addressing social norms and stereotypes is the topic highlighted by the latest addition to the Rocketfuel Entertainment label.

“It’s about the idea of ​​running away or escaping from reality because of the stereotypes imposed on us by society, but we often find ourselves disappointed with the people we think we can trust in our lives,” because life as we all know sometimes, is not a fairy tale, ”said Abigail.

The Kuala Lumpur singer said she builds a self-image through status quo and wants her music career to be based on conversations about mental health issues.

“I want to be able to tell the world that ‘it’s good not to be good’, and society to comply and understand the concept of this matter.”

The newcomer who defines her music as sad and crazy pop, however, said she aims to branch out into different genres to advance her music over time.

Musically, Abigail said her biggest influence was her own mother who is also a singer and the music and performances she has been exposed to since she was a little girl.

status quo is not only written by Abigail, but also shares songwriting credits with music producers, MFMF.

The song is now available on various music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Joox and Spotify.

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