Instructure unveils its ‘Edtech Collective’


Instructure, the edtech company behind the Canvas learning management system, hopes to further stimulate collaboration among its more than 500 partner companies through social features and listings on its website.

An announcement Wednesday formalized the “Edtech Collective,” which refers to Instructure’s efforts to strengthen the community among edtech companies. These efforts include a central, searchable directory of companies that Instructure works with – like Slack and Zoom – and a new virtual “lounge” where partners can connect.

The new features are meant to allow companies to meet to discuss integration or work on shared solutions, Tara Gunther, vice president of partnerships at Instructure, told EdScoop. These types of relationships can create more options for users: for example, the ability for teachers to create Zoom meetings in the Canvas learning management system, streamlining the experience.

“By creating a shared space, our partners can learn from each other and interact with our customers to better understand how their tools are used with Canvas and where development could take place,” Gunther wrote in an email.

Instructure will also use a new “Collective Credentials” feature, where other companies can get achievements, such as submitting certain security information to Instructure or sharing common customers. By viewing these credentials, other company users will be able to verify the company’s position with Instructure.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and students switched to online learning, the edtech market exploded. In a June report from Grand View Research, researchers estimated the market grew from $ 86 billion to 106 billion dollars for 2021, and will continue to grow by 19% annually. As these businesses grow, executives often look for opportunities to integrate with other businesses. The founder of Blackboard, a widely used learning management system, now leads a suite of tools for Zoom, called Class, intended to develop the widely used video conferencing platform specifically for classroom use.


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