Instructure to Acquire EesySoft to Help Educators and Students Improve the Adoption of Educational Technology


“As we move into a post-pandemic era, districts and schools are under increased pressure to measure the return on investment and the positive impact of their technology investments,” said Steve daly, CEO of Instructure. “We believe that blended learning is here to stay, and whether it’s Instructure tools or other educational industry technologies, Impact by Instructure is designed to help all educational technology solutions demonstrate their value. utility in school communities. “

Situated at Amsterdam, EesySoft is a 40-person company and a long-time partner of Instructure which was founded in 2010 by the CEO Michel Visser and CTO Jan Henrick Ejme. As EesySoft technology becomes Impact, it will become an essential part of the Instructure learning platform, driving adoption and engagement.

“We have grown very rapidly as a company over the past two years and are keen to ensure further growth, innovation and expansion of the solutions we offer,” said Michel Visser, CEO and co-founder of EesySoft. “Instructure is perfectly suited and at the right time for us so that we can continue to accelerate and improve teaching and learning around the world. “

Impact provides a guided user experience for educational technology platforms such as Canvas LMS, improving the teaching and online learning experience for the student. Insightful dashboards and dynamic reports provide a bird’s-eye view of how students and educators engage with available tools. In-app personalized messaging provides key insights into optimal platform usage, while contextual support helps educators and students when they need it, allowing them to focus more on teaching and learning, and less on the use of new technologies.

Impact also helps instructional support staff foster effective teaching with technology and provides in-depth support within Canvas based on the context and role of students and educators. This not only means providing support articles from Canvas, but also the ability for institutions to add their own resources or integrate third-party resources. And when users need to escalate support requests, dynamic routing helps reduce resolution time.

Instructure is an educational technology company dedicated to improving student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today, the Instructure learning platform supports more than 30 million educators and learners around the world. Learn more about

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