Instructure Shares Updates to the World’s Most Widely Adopted Learning Management Platform at InstructureCon 2022

New features and enhancements extend functionality and empower lifelong learners and non-traditional students

SALT LAKE CITY, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Structure, the maker of Canvas, today announced enhancements to many of the solutions that make up the industry-leading Instructure learning platform, coinciding with its annual InstructureCon educational event. Canvas LMS now serves as a learning platform for tens of millions of teachers and students in 70 countries. By adding innovative solutions in additional edtech areas such as assessment, content, and analytics, the Instructure learning platform demonstrates a commitment to meeting the needs of K-12 learners, teaching higher education and lifelong learners worldwide. To register for InstructureCon 2022, go to

“Our desire to understand the unique needs of educators and learners around the world informs our strategy for developing, improving and integrating new products into the Instructure learning platform, said Shiren Vijiasingam, Product Manager at Structure. “One of Instructure’s key differentiators is a product team that prioritizes collecting constructive feedback and leveraging it to effectively create better products. This focus on innovation empowers educators to do what they do the best.”

Here are some of the recent updates that make the Instructure learning platform even more powerful in 2022:

Updated brand architecture

Instructure has added many strategic tools through acquisitions over the past few years. To make it easier to navigate this growing family of products, Instructure launched a new brand architecture this year:

  • Canvas by Instructure: Learning management solutions designed to make teaching and learning easier and more engaging for everyone throughout their lifelong learning journey.
  • Mastery by Instructure: Gathering the assessment tools and content educators need to implement a successful assessment program that advances learning.
  • Elevate by Instructure: Improve the use of data and analytics to help solve student and institution problems and give educators the insights they need to make impactful decisions.
  • Impact by Instructure: Drive edtech adoption and engagement to ensure students get the best results for each solution.

Canvas Product Updates

Over the past year, our Canvas LMS teams have streamlined educator and student activities to improve the learning process. Among the specific enhancements this year, Canvas has launched the following:

  • Overhaul of discussions: an enhanced UI now allows for quoting replies, tagging respondents with @mentions, and flagging or flagging replies.
  • Improvements to assignments for students: Improved submission workflow includes progress tracking for each assignment, clear submission options, improved access to rubrics and comments, and access to each attempt if more than one is given.
  • Course pace: a feature that enables the automatic distribution of due dates with different start dates based on an instructor’s set pace, all to better support outcome-based or competency-based education (CBE).
  • SpeedGrader and Gradebook improvements: updates that streamline grading workflows.

Updates to Canvas Studio and Canvas IDs

  • Canvas Studio Updates: Canvas Studio now supports media downloads from Vimeo and automates downloading from Zoom. With enhanced analytics, instructors can understand how students interact with lesson videos.
  • Canvas Catalog Updates: Time-saving updates streamline course purchases and enrollment, including multiple rosters at once.
  • Canvas IDs: In April, Instructure completed the acquisition of its partner Concentric Sky, the creators of Badgr. The micro-credential tool has been rebranded as “Canvas Badges” and “Canvas IDs”, a suite of advanced tools with unlimited badges, analytics, and custom journeys.

Mastery Product Updates

Mastery, Instructure’s competency-based solution for K-12 assessment, enables teachers to identify what students know and don’t know, standard by standard, in real time as they learn. can most influence learning. Recent enhancements include the following:

  • Improved Integration with Canvas: in addition to integration points already launched, such as linking Mastery Connect trackings to Canvas courses, automatically creating Mastery Connect assessments as Canvas assignments, and displaying data in the Canvas gradebook and Mastery Tracker , rolling updates have been released that allow existing trackers to be migrated to a new Canvas course, helping instructors retain data from one semester or quarter to the next.
  • Additions to assessment content: expanded offerings of high-quality district assessments in several states.
  • Extensive tools, workflows and hosting: new text-to-speech options and improved reporting features.

Elevate Product Updates

Educators need more tools to dig deeper into student performance data to better meet the needs of all learners. Recent updates to Elevate help give educators a more complete picture of their students, curriculum, and programs. For instance:

  • New edition of evaluation analysis from Elevate K-12 Analytics: gives school districts the ability to compare student results in the AMS Mastery Connect with state assessment results and disaggregate them by demographics and enrollment.
  • “Group Looks” Like the recently released Student Perspectives, Group Perspectives will soon enable highly visual and interactive views of results for groups of students, such as classrooms, schools, English language learners and more.
  • Improve data quality: Planned enhancements include a new user interface and additional features such as writing custom rules, managing users, and integration with Elevate K-12 Analytics will provide additional downstream data quality assurances in the platform. form of analysis.

Impact of product updates

Last year, Instructure acquired Impact (formerly Eesysoft.) This year, the product team continues to expand integration with the Instructure learning platform to provide better insight into adoption and drive deeper engagement and more meaningful. For instance:

  • The integration: Impact extends to even more products in the Instructure learning platform.
  • Impact Virtual Assistant for Tier 1 Institutions (currently in beta): this will allow educators to intervene with users earlier and anticipate and resolve questions or issues.


Infrastructure (NYSE: INST) is an education technology company dedicated to improving student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today, the Instructure learning platform supports tens of millions of teachers and learners worldwide. Learn more about


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