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CHICAGO, October 15, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Today at the annual EDUCAUSE conference,Instruct (NYSE: INST) announced that Portfolio, a student portfolio network acquired earlier in the year, is now integrated into the Canvas learning management platform. The combined abilities allow students to present their achievements, projects and skills to potential employers. Students can create a folio from the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) that will link to the Portfolio network and follow them throughout their academic and professional careers, serving as an extended curriculum vitae or CV.

“Society’s definition of student success is changing. Education increasingly aims to ensure that every student is on track and engaged in relevant work that matches their goals and the needs of our rapidly changing global economy, ”said Jared stein, vice president of higher education strategy at Instructure. “Canvas is central to many students’ university life, and this integration with the Portfolio network will help more students showcase their work and connect their learning to their future. ”

Portfolio’s free network is now seamlessly integrated with the Canvas user experience. Students will have lifetime access to their Folio where they can organize learning resources, connect with other Folio users, and organize content to help showcase their skills. In addition to the free Folio Network for Canvas users, Instructure now offers paid tools that add outcome assessment, analysis, and pathways to Folio Management for any program or institution. These additional capabilities are enhanced by Instructure’s partnership with Badgr, offering Canvas and Folio users the ability to issue digital credentials that verify skills.

“Portfolium was the perfect tool that I didn’t know I needed until I found it,” said Nairee Bedikian, coordinator of the mentoring program in an international media company. “Being able to show off my class plans, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and interests outside of my college life was just the right boost I needed to launch my career and find new growth opportunities. always Portfolio for providing me with the skills and work experience I needed to land my new position in the job of my dreams. ”

In addition, the Canvas learning management platform will now offer institutions the following functionalities:

Management of folios on canvas – Provides an institutional home page and in-depth real-time analysis on student engagement, skills and competencies, network connections and interactions between diverse cohorts. Enables institutions to generate custom reports directly related to student success initiatives and export accreditation-ready reports on learning outcomes at the student, cohort, course, program or of the establishment.

Canvas paths – Engage students through personalized journeys that help students navigate their academic and extracurricular journeys and produce stackable credentials, like badges, that build on each other. Automatically issue badges at defined milestones through easy integration with Canvas badge partner, Badgr. See the goals as a whole and follow their progress in real time.

TalentMatch Canvas – Allows institutions to connect students with potential employers by leveraging work within the Portfolio network to map employer-desired skills to students who have demonstrated mastery of those skills. This seamlessly links courses to internships, jobs and careers and eliminates the skills gap that many employers face.

Evaluation of the results of the canvas – Provides an assessment of courses, programs, and institutions by reviewing student work in their folio. This simplifies the assessment of student achievement and proves institutional value by presenting evidence of learning and mastery of skills.

“TO Henderson State University, we are committed to helping our students not only to learn, but to learn to build their careers, ”said Chelsea goza, Director of Internships, School of Business and Deputy Director, Center of Student Excellence at Henderson State University. “Having all of the Portfolio’s features in Canvas makes it much easier to empower our students as they demonstrate their accomplishments and connect with classmates and peers from around the world, all in one environment. learning. ”

EDUCAUSE attendees can find out more by visiting Canvas at booth 1745 or at

Instructure (NYSE: INST) helps people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work. Over 30 million people use the Canvas learning management platform for schools and the Bridge employee development platform for businesses. More information at

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