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SHERBROOKE, QC and SALT LAKE CITY, UT – June 8, 2021, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Classcraft, a K-12 learning company focused on motivating students and supporting behavioral initiatives, s ‘is teamed up with Instructure to integrate with its popular learning management system, Canvas.

UNESCO’s recent Global Education Monitoring Report shows that on average two-thirds of a school year has been lost globally to COVID-19. As districts seek to make up for lost ground and address learning loss, there is a need for proven solutions for engaging students in their learning.

The partnership offers educators productive actions to support students, especially those lost and disengaged after a year of distance learning.

The release focuses on improving engagement and academic performance by automatically converting events in Canvas, such as homework submission, on-time submission, and graduation, in Classcraft. Students use their Classcraft Points to unlock digital rewards and real privileges, like eating in the classroom. This new integration was co-developed last winter with school districts using Classcraft and Canvas by conducting in-depth interviews with educators and testing prototypes in live classrooms.

Over the past few years, Classcraft has built a robust digital intervention system to support Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Tiered Support System (MTSS), Intervention Response (RTI) and social and emotional learning (SEL) practices. Its powerful data analytics and proprietary Student Engagement Index help educators understand student motivation by addressing over 5 million behaviors each month. By connecting the two platforms, educators unlock the ability to understand how engagement and academic performance correlate in real time with other behavioral trends seen in the classroom.

“Considering everything that has happened over the past year, student engagement is a critical issue, and we are very happy to partner with Classcraft, which is best in class when it comes to ‘this is important work,’ said Trenton Goble, Vice President of K12 Product Strategy at Instructure. “We see this as the start of a long partnership, and we are excited to address these challenges in a thoughtful and systemic way that is culturally relevant to the students we serve.

“We are delighted to be working with Canvas! In these difficult times, the development of academic and socio-emotional skills of students in hybrid and virtual models has become essential, ”said Shawn Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Classcraft. “By working with Instructure, we can do this directly in the digital platforms that schools use to deliver learning and enable more teachers to support more students. This partnership allows Canvas teachers to implement Classcraft smoothly. Because everything is automated, once districts connect the platforms, teachers can see the benefits of using both platforms without lifting a finger.

About Classcraft

Classcraft helps educators motivate learners to reach their potential through enduring, fun learning experiences that foster growth and human connection. Founded in 2013 by brothers Shawn and Devin Young and their father, Lauren Young, Classcraft is an award-winning edtech company serving more than 8 million students and educators worldwide. A certified Quebec company B Corporation, Classcraft is used in more than 160 countries and is available in 11 languages. Learn more at

About Instructure

Instructure is an educational technology company dedicated to improving student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today, the Instructure learning platform supports more than 30 million educators and learners around the world. Learn more at

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