Instructure brings together learning leaders from around the world at its annual EdTech conference

“Research shows that students are unprepared for vital transitions in their learning lives – from high school to college and from college to career,” said Mitch Benson, SVP Product at Instructure. “During InstructureCon, we will share updates from Canvas and our partner ecosystem that highlight the opportunity for edtech to work together to create an educational environment that embraces personalized learning, focuses on transferable skills, prioritizes access and welcomes the growing link between the academic and professional worlds.”

Attendees will learn about the innovative tools Instructure is building into Canvas to meet the future needs of students and educators. New features of the expanded Canvas learning management platform include enhanced Canvas mobile apps, live events, video quizzes through Canvas Studio, deeper Canvas analytics providing interactive and action-oriented insights , a redesigned assignment user experience, and improvements to the gradebook and quizzes.

When it comes to using technology in the classroom to better prepare students for college and careers, Science Leadership Academy is an example of helping students succeed. The Academy has been a Canvas customer for over six years and uses the Canvas learning management platform to support its project-based learning approach across its two high school campuses.

“At The Science Leadership Academy, we see students thrive through our unique approach to learning, and Canvas has played an important role in student success, said Chris Lehman, founder and director of The Science Leadership Academy. “We’ve been using Canvas for years and look forward to leveraging the full capabilities of the platform by adding Portfolium to support project-based learning, and MasteryConnect to deepen our use of standards-based notation in math to to help students assess their progress in mathematics.

Beyond the latest product updates, Canvas remains committed to advancing industry standards, working with the IMS Global Learning Consortium as an early adopter of the latest version of Advantage of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Partners appreciate the ease of integration which is aided by operating in accordance with leading industry standards. Hundreds of other edtech providers leverage LTI Advantage to easy integration with Canvasproviding a better learning experience that is easy to use and customizable for teachers to meet student needs.

“The cloud opens up dynamic possibilities for educators and students to access learning resources and hands-on learning activities, promoting innovation inside and outside the classroom,” said Ken Eisner, Director, Worldwide Education Programs, Amazon Web Services. “With this new integration into Canvas, educators and students have simplified, streamlined, and enhanced access to AWS Educate, putting students in the driver’s seat of their journey to careers in cloud computing.

Attendees will learn about the ongoing integration of former partners and new family members Instructure, MasteryConnect and Portfolium. MasteryConnect enables data-driven teaching and personalized learning through formative (in-class) and interim assessments, as well as program planning and sequencing tools. Portfolio simplifies the assessment of student learning, proves institutional value by showcasing evidence of learning, and keeps students engaged in journeys that ultimately prepare them for their careers.

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