Instructure Announces New MasteryView Assessments to Help Schools Assess and Treat COVID-Related Learning Loss


“Students, teachers and parents have experienced enough disruption already, so how we approach the assessment of learning loss in the coming months is critical,” said Mitch benson, Product Manager at Instructure. “It means investing in an approach that teachers can trust, one that doesn’t take a lot of teaching time, and perhaps more importantly, in a way that directly benefits every student. We have designed the MasteryView assessments to meet these needs and to ensure that districts can leverage much-needed stimulus funds to support their efforts. ”

Recently, special funding has been allocated to invest in high-quality assessments that directly address learning loss and provide accurate data on students’ academic progress, allowing educators to make more informed decisions about how best to perform. meet learning needs and differentiate teaching. MasteryView assessments meet these requirements and can be purchased by school districts with funds designated in the december 2020 Federal stimulus plan CRRSA / ESSER II.

Join us on Thursday April 22 To 10:00 MT for a 30-minute webinar hosted by Trenton Goble, Vice President of K-12 Learning at Instructure: Accelerate learning with better assessment.

Unlocking the power of MasteryView assessments

The loss of learning is not new. Schools all over the world regularly tackle it with problems like “summer slip”. In 2019, Instructure acquired MasteryConnect, a long-standing partner and innovator in formative assessment that supports personalized, mastery-based learning. The MasteryConnect Assessment Management System is designed to show student learning intuitively and visually, so educators can focus on what matters most: improving student outcomes. The acquisition was the first step in Instructure’s work to accelerate the change happening at the state level to replace high-stakes end-of-year testing with more innovative, student-centric models.

The content of MasteryView assessments is administered in MasteryConnect and allows educators to immediately see student proficiency levels by standard with reports and analysis. It provides the essential information educators need to best determine which students need extra support and which standards need to be re-taught. As brief assessments throughout the course, MasteryView assessments fit into the teaching cycle, providing teachers with immediate formative data without the time demands or pressure associated with high-stakes testing.

Developed using a unique psychometric algorithm based on the Diagnostic Classification Model (DCM), the assessments provide valid and reliable data on students’ proficiency levels with fewer questions. The algorithm is developed by Jonathan templin, Ph.D., EF Lindquist Chair in Measurement and Testing and Professor of Educational Measurement and Statistics in the Department of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations of University of Iowa College of education.

“DCM-based assessments provide actionable information that can be used to help students learn without overloading them with excessive testing,” said Dr Templin. “The combination of more focused assessments and an innovative psychometric model allows teachers to use shorter, standards-based assessments throughout the school year as a reliable indicator of standards mastery. “

MasteryView assessments look like familiar online quizzes, covering both math and English Language Arts (ELA) for grades 3-8, including English I & II and Algebra I:

  • MasteryView assessments for mathematics are organized around a priority learning standard, i.e. around 15 priority learning standards per level. Each quick check contains 5-8 questions.
  • MasteryView Reviews for ELA focus on reading comprehension of informative and / or literary texts reflecting a variety of genres — approximately 3 per year. Each Quick Check contains 1-2 passages with a short selection of questions.

The evaluations will be available in August 2021 in certain classes and states for the upcoming school year. Canvas LMS customers can learn more about using MasteryView assessments by visiting:

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