Instructions for using Microsoft Teams as the default conferencing tool in Canvas

While Teams will become a default conferencing tool option in Canvas, teachers can conversely expect an expansion of social learning and collaboration workflows with an integration of Canvas into Teams. Instructure and Microsoft are working together to integrate Canvas assignments and quizzes directly into Teams meetings. When a teacher wants their students to work together on homework during class time, the students interact with the Canvas content while the teacher controls the teaching and the flow of the meeting. Before, during, and after class, teachers and students will be able to seamlessly use Canvas tools as part of their workflow and collaboration in Teams.

Educators will see the flow of information about groups and teams between Canvas and Teams to make it easier to create and manage teams. The solution will associate the teams with the courses and the Canvas sections.

“By working together, we can continue to develop equitable and powerful tools that help every learner reach their potential,” said Eran Megiddo, vice president of education and modern life experiences at Microsoft. “These solutions are designed to support diverse learning styles and bring together everything teachers and students need for complete classroom collaboration in distance, hybrid and in-person learning environments.”

The two companies are working on additional integration projects that will tie Canvas more closely to Teams and Microsoft 365 over the coming months, including:

  • Automatic coupling of Teams + Canvas classes: This new solution keeps Canvas and Teams in sync, allowing teachers and students to effectively use both solutions in the classroom.
  • Reinventing OneDrive and Teams for Canvas: Microsoft is working on a more easily accessible integration of OneDrive and Teams files into Canvas. This will allow teachers and students to easily create, share, co-author, and collaborate on lessons, homework, and other learning materials, all without leaving Canvas.

In addition to these integration projects, the integration of the Immersive Player will continue in Canvas with Instructure supporting the beta implementation and, in collaboration with Microsoft, exploring ways to enable it more widely in Canvas over the course of this year. the year to come. The Immersive Reader is a tool that implements techniques proven to improve reading and writing for people regardless of age or ability. With it, students can read text aloud – sped up or slowed down to their liking – and read in over 40 languages. A picture dictionary is available to help recognize words, get help with pronunciation using syllable words, and identify parts of speech, including verbs and nouns. Students can also translate text in over 70 languages.

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