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The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has alleged that human rights are under threat in the country because federal government officials do not believe terrorists should be dealt with decisively.

HURIWA called on the government to do everything to avoid giving the impression that crime pays off in parts of the country.
Disclosing this at a press conference yesterday in Abuja, the national coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko, urged states to orient their policies towards balanced economic development.

He said: “The key government has deliberately undermined the functionality of the institutions put in place to tackle insecurity. All armed security forces are now diluted and sabotaged. Economist magazine is precise and very professional in its reporting on Nigeria in its current edition. Federal government criticism of the British magazine is stubborn.

“The military and the federal government know the economist’s claims are factual. This is because there is documentary evidence to show that there are molested saboteurs within the military who are undermining the war on terror. Many of those discovered have been brought to justice. Many of those that remain to be discovered may still be here. ”

He recalled that the government had branded the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) as terrorists and had approached the Federal High Court through an ex parte request for the court to declare it as a terrorist group, adding that the decision was contested.

“The security institutions now function as sectional security teams set up to attack those who do not share religious and ethnic affiliations with the heads of the security services. The Federal Ministry of Justice is run like a tribal machine.

“We are sounding the alarm that our lives as advocates for social justice are at risk because senior government officials do not believe terrorists should be dealt with decisively. We want to draw the world’s attention to the fact that the central government is working to undermine the principles of the rule of law and the centrality of the sanctity of the constitution. The government has taken the practice of double standards in law enforcement to a dangerous level, ”HURIWA said.


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