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Many people don’t consider Instagram effective for marketing their law firm. However, Instagram has grown in popularity and has approximately one billion active users worldwide in 2022, allowing law firms to communicate directly with their audiences and leverage their social media presence.

Additionally, Instagram is invaluable in brand building and recruitment through its ability to showcase practice areas and provide insights to engage its 157 million US users.

A visual network with changing demographics

Traditionally, Instagram attracts a younger audience, but its third largest audience is 35-44 year olds (women outnumber men slightly). Additionally, its most popular audience, at 51%, is Hispanic adults living in urban and suburban areas of the United States.

Of the platform’s one billion global users, at least 200 million visit at least one business account every day. These figures prove that this social media platform remains untapped, especially by lawyers.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are often considered the best social media tools for attracting clients, but law firms are now starting to see the value of Instagram.

Reasons to Leverage the Benefits of Instagram

Sharing photos might not seem like a worthwhile marketing opportunity, but it does create a personal way to showcase your associates and your work. Added to your other social media efforts, Instagram lets you reach audiences in a different way.

The hashtags used on Instagram give customers instant access to you when looking for general legal information and advice. Additionally, Instagram users maintain higher levels of engagement than other social media platforms.

You only need one post per day and good planning for an effective campaign, which means a limited time investment.

Start and grow your law firm Instagram

Depending on your area of ​​practice, Instagram lets you connect with customers and market your business by posting relevant content. High-quality photos and videos are essential to your image, and don’t forget to use hashtags and location tags to make it easier for clients and young legal talent to find you. Finally, remember that client confidentiality and professional ethics are critical to your law firm, so post carefully.

1. Make your bio and profile memorable

A clear and complete profile is the only way to ensure more subscribers. For example, the name of your law firm should include an industry keyword within the 30 characters allowed, which makes it easier to find when performing a search. Also, whether you use the firm’s logo or a professional photo of the faces behind the firm, never forget to add a profile picture.

Make your Instagram username the same as your other social networks, allowing your followers on different platforms to find you. Additionally, you should include a clickable link to Instagram on your website. Finally, don’t forget to complete the 150-character bio where you convey the specificity of your company and the advantages of following you.

2. Use your bio URL to drive traffic

The clickable link in your profile can help drive traffic to your popular content, so don’t just leave it linked to your homepage; change it once or twice a week.

3. Create a clear Instagram strategy and plan ahead

It’s always best to have a clear content strategy and social media strategy for your channels. Identify your goals and work your plan around them before deciding what images and videos to post and when. Remember to post regularly

Posting a few times a week is enough, but you have to if you want people to see and follow your accounts. So create a schedule and have someone take care of it – a tool like Hubspot makes it easy.

4. Make your content engaging

Keep your followers engaged by posting content relevant to the audience. Learn about Instagram testing and analytics to help you post the right content when needed. Point: Get insights by analyzing popular posts from competing law firms.

5. Captions enhance visual content

Captions give voice to your visual content and increase audience engagement. Use captions to explain or create interest that will help make your content more memorable and shareable.

6. Introduce your law firm culture

Let your audience know what your law firm stands for by sharing team bios, offering Q&As, and adding office and event visuals. All of this shows them your human side, helping to build trust and understanding.

7. Include trending hashtags

Always include relevant hashtags in your captions as they get more users to see the posts. Up to three main hashtags are enough; you can add more in your follow-up comments. Relevant hashtags are easier to discover and your posts stay clear.

8. Instagram Stories and Your Marketing Strategy

Stories stand out because they appear at the top of feeds, and you can use several of them per day without causing undue clutter for subscribers. Therefore, stories play a vital role in your business marketing strategy.

Last takeaway

These tips can help you promote your law firm on Instagram. Plus, link to your profile from your website, newsletters, and wherever you list your social platforms, making it easy for people to follow you. You can also post your content on other social media to increase awareness and use paid Instagram ads to gain a larger audience. Finally, if you think it’s too complicated, hire a professional to at least start the process. Once you understand the concept, everything becomes easier.

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