Greene County Schools and Law Enforcement Steps Up Monitoring Threat of School Shooting


There are several individual systems for monitoring shooting threats in schools, but none of them are standardized across institutions. This can potentially lead to gaps for school officials or law enforcement, or even for institutions that double up on child maintenance.

While the consequences are significant, educators say interventions are more effective in preventing violence in schools.

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“The eviction does not solve the problem of the threat. It takes your eyes off it, ”said Mike Higgins, director of the Miami Valley Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.

“Just like when you have kids who have to tell their story to a mental health counselor, you don’t want them telling it over and over again because it can be traumatic,” the Greene County juvenile judge said, Amy Lewis. “It is also imperative that this be done in a timely manner. “

The court recommends bringing together law enforcement, school officials, mental health counselors and other agencies to monitor threats. It also recommends that the authorities use a centralized reporting system. While schools conduct their own surveys, school resource officers are often not involved in the process until the end. Judicial officials say the early involvement of the police has important benefits for threat investigations: witnesses can be interviewed earlier and more than once, intervention for the offender can occur more quickly and police can refer criminal charges to the prosecutor’s office.

“Surveillance is really what’s going to make our communities safer,” Higgins said. “We try to knit together a fabric where the children do not fall between the stitches of the net.”


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