Going to school can help learn social norms

The children are happy to go back to school. Here they enjoy the company of their friends. It’s not just the school curriculum that shapes a child’s life. Even though peer learning is not in the school curriculum, it is just as important. Going to school helps children prepare for the world with its complicated social norms, helping them find a place in the world. Learning social skills is not an easy task. Dealing with daily social activities that match their age and intelligence will help in this task. Interpersonal communication with peers, staff and teachers provide opportunities to begin to socialize the child. Some of the skills that need to be developed for socialization are listed below.

communication skills

Welcoming teachers, elders and friends is one of the first lessons we are taught.

Listening patiently and responding appropriately is one of the core standards of society.

Besides verbal language, the child also learns signs, gestures, facial expressions, voice variations that help to understand human communication and behavior. Understanding them is essential for good social behavior.

Another important aspect of communication is sensitivity to others. Children learn this through experiences in different situations at school. Understanding the subtle suggestions, comments, opinions and reactions of other children in the school sharpens their sensitivity.

Making friends, sharing and caring, helping, working and coordinating as a team are also behaviors that we acquire consciously and unconsciously during school days.

Examining the work of others, accepting criticism and compliments play a major role in the development of a responsible person.

Misunderstanding situations can sometimes lead to inappropriate social behavior.

A child learns to understand different situations to react appropriately in school by dealing with reactions to teasing, humiliation, ridicule and also learns to accept appreciation or criticism.

Problem solving

As adults we encounter many problems. School life prepares children for adulthood. Resolving misunderstandings or any other issues with friends, setting their own terms and conditions for negotiations, asking for help when needed, planning and executing projects, reaching the best possible judgments and being open to discussions are some of the life lessons that can be learned in school.

(The author is a teacher)

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