Excellent Irish lawyer talks about ‘annual leave’ deferral law most people have no idea about

A top Irish lawyer said no company can tell you that it is not possible to postpone leave after the end of the year.

Richard Grogan, who is quickly becoming a TikTok sensation, talks about all types of law on his social network account.

And now he has informed people of their vacation entitlements, and postponed them until 2022.

While most workplaces will tell you that your leave lasts until the end of December and that you can carry over as much, Mr Grogan says that is not how it works.

The attorney said, “Now don’t tell me that a company’s annual vacation year ends on December 31 or September 30 or anytime.

“There is only one year of annual leave in Irish law, and that is from April 1 to March 31.

“It is in article 2 of the act of organization of work.

“Now an employer who says you can’t postpone past Dec. 31 is ‘breaking the law’, end of discussion, there’s no choice, no nothing.

“It is the law, and it is a fact.”

However, if your employer uses the annual vacation year from January to December, entitlements between April and March may vary.

Citizens Information states: “Your entitlement to annual leave depends on the time you have worked during a year of leave.

“The year off runs from April to March. Many employers use the calendar year (January to December) instead of the official holiday year to calculate your rights. Your employer must inform you of the start and end of your year of leave. ”

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