Court suspends Texas abortion law, entire Biden White House, and natural immunity to COVID-19

CHICAGO (Nation Now) – A judge blocked the application of the new Texas abortion law, triggering a wave of reactions on social media. Democratic strategist Rochelle Ritchie and former Federal Attorney Pat Brady explain what it means and what’s next.

Some have noticed that President Biden was giving recent speeches from a plateau, not from the White House. Julia Manchester from The Hill chats.

New bodycam video of George Floyd’s protests questions police tactics. Ret. Lieutenant Steven Rogers breaks down part of the video.

How much respect should the medical community give to people who have natural immunity to COVID-19 and who do not want to be vaccinated? Dr Hooman Noorchashm, immunologist and public health advocate, intervenes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the United States has been training Taiwanese troops for a year. Former naval intelligence officer John Jordan and Chinese expert Gordon Chang react.

The US Marshals briefly thought they saw a fugitive on the run for more than 20 years in a photo of a Dodgers game. But, the man in fact in the photo stepped forward and the head turned out to be a failure. Retired FBI Agent Bobby Chacon explains why people can be so hard to find.

Brian Entin of NewsNation gives the latest developments in Brian Laundrie’s research.

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