Social norms

It’s good not to be well: Malaysian singer Abigail tackles social norms and stereotypes in her debut single ‘Status Quo’ (VIDEO) | Show biz

Rocketfuel Entertainment’s newest artist Abigail makes her debut with “Status Quo”. KUALA LUMPUR, February 9 – The first single from singer Abigail titled status quo has an underlying post the 21-year-old would like to share. Addressing social norms and stereotypes is the topic highlighted by the latest addition to the …

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Violations of social norms stretch the imagination

Source: Tyler Merbler / Wikimedia The past few months have been rich in extraordinary events: a US president attacking the legitimacy of a US election, senators and congressmen refusing to certify an electoral vote, an armed insurgency on Capitol Hill. News commentators have called these events “unimaginable,” which is a …

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Appearance, social norms keep students away from Zo

ITHACA, NY – When the semester moved online amid the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, Cornell University instructor Mark Sarvary and his faculty decided to cheer – but not to force the students to turn on their cameras. It did not turn out as they had hoped. “Most of our students …

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