Camila Cabello says her “Cinderella” defies social norms

Watch: Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel on Modernization Cinderella

Camila Cabello says her new approach Cinderella “Challenges social programming” caused by other fairy tales.

The 24-year-old singer makes her acting debut in the film directed by Perfect writer Kay Cannon, and describes the story as a “trauma-informed fairy tale.”

Her version of Cinderella is less interested in wooing the prince than she is in pursuing a dream of selling her dresses in the town square, despite rules preventing women from owning their own businesses.

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“I think this movie really challenges social programming, what I feel as I get older I’m starting to understand too,” Cabello told Yahoo Entertainment UK.

Camila Cabello and director Kay Cannon describe Cinderella as a talented seamstress. (Kerry Brown / Amazon)

She adds, “So many of those stereotypes that you see in older fairy tales and also cultural norms and social programming in general. Back then, it was normal for women not to have a job. and not having their own dreams.

“People looked at this character like she had three heads when she said ‘I want to sell dresses and I have ambition’.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 12: Camila Cabello performs live at Brixton Academy on June 12, 2018 in London, England.  (Photo by Samir Hussein / Redferns)

LCamila Cabello in concert at the Brixton Academy, 2018 (Samir Hussein / Redferns)

“They were just like, ‘What are you talking about? You’re acting like a fool.’ She disputes that.”

Cabello says she was also intrigued by the adjustments to the character of Cinderella’s stepmother, who she said was “played beautifully” by Frozen and Broadway star Idina Menzel.

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“It’s hard to wonder if she’s mean or is she struggling and really in pain? Let’s get her into therapy,” Cabello told her co-star.

“I love this description of a trauma-informed society. It’s like a trauma-informed fairy tale.

“And I feel like that also reflects on the set of women who support each other and women who encourage each other and are really aware. Kay was like that, you’re like that and it’s kind of like that. dream experience for a woman and for everyone. “

Idina Menzel plays Cinderella's stepmother in the new musical adaptation.  (Kerry Brown / Amazon)

Idina Menzel plays Cinderella’s stepmother in the new musical adaptation. (Kerry Brown / Amazon)

Menzel says it was interesting to add “nuances” to the portrayal of a character who almost always has “Evil” or “Wicked” added to the beginning of their name.

The veteran artist says there was a “real camaraderie” between everyone on set.

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“Even though our film is older, it plays for today,” adds Menzel.

“Maybe we are not necessarily forced to get married, but there are still so many people who want to be understood and seen for who they are and are still being oppressed that way.”

Camila Cabello plays a very different Cinderella in Kay Cannon's new reimagining of the classic fairy tale.  (Christophe Raphaël / Amazon)

Camila Cabello plays a very different Cinderella in Kay Cannon’s new reimagining of the classic fairy tale. (Christophe Raphaël / Amazon)

Cinderella features a combination of original music and covers of pop classics, including Queen’s Someone to love, Ed Sheeran Perfect and that of Madonna Materialistic girl.

The all-star cast includes Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, James Corden, Romesh Ranganathan, Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan, with Nicholas Galitzine as prince.

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Billy Porter, meanwhile, delivers a stunning performance as a genderless version of the Fairy Godmother character.

Cinderella is available to stream through Amazon Prime Video starting September 3.

Watch: Amazon Adaptation Trailer Cinderella

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