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On stage, we find this double element of our culture, which is the unification of our hearts as well as the expression of our feelings through dance… Despite this, it is important to note that the Lazgi is an age-old dance. This is where the Lazgi dance gets its expressiveness and fluidity – a period closer to nature and could more clearly feel its forces at work. Lazgi dance is not just a formal art form, but a method, our cultural history and our present situation. It shows how we lay the foundations for our future.

The inclusion of the Lazgi dance in the intangible cultural heritage is the direct result of our efforts to preserve our traditions. We encourage the development of Lazgi dance and we support dance collectives that do so. International specialists and global talents are not shy about constructing their own interpretations of our heritage, because it is alive and well in our country. As a living art form, it is impossible to tame or erase. It must develop organically, in the same way that our modern lives are constantly evolving and responding to changing contexts.

It’s not a race. Our goal is not to be the most dominant. Despite this, we devote a great deal of time and effort to developing and preserving our culture, as well as creating new cultural programs and platforms for young people, both at home and abroad. Our goal is to show that we are willing and able to collaborate with other countries, organizations and professionals for the benefit of our common future. Moreover, we believe that we have a lot to answer. Everyone should have access to and be part of our culture, and we must ensure that no one is left behind.

How did Raimondo Rebeck’s band capture Lazgi’s joie de vivre in their performance?

Lazgi dance has a rich heritage that is still relevant in today’s world thanks to Raimondo Rebeck’s synthesis of many creative forms and even different choreographic languages. According to him, the lazgi dance is as much a part of modern Uzbek culture as it is ancient. When performed by modern dancers, the ancient art of Lazgi gives them the opportunity to convey the complex feelings that everyone in today’s global society experiences, allowing them to connect with their roots while watching towards the future they create.

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