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A section of now: social norms and rituals as sites of architectural intervention

Book launch: March 10, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., online, with a conversation between Giovanna Borasi (Director of the CCA), Florian Idenburg (SO–IL) and Hilary Sample (MOS)

Canadian Center for Architecture

1920 rue Baile

Montreal Quebec H3H 2S6

Does your family fit into the standard family home?
What will you do if you live to be 100?
Do you know how you were made?
Are you the owner, tenant or subscriber of your home?
How many people are you willing to share a kitchen with?
Are you a conscious consumer?
Do you need a hustle for a living?
Are you ready to share your workplace with a robot?

These are some of the many questions that arise A section of now: social norms and rituals as sites of architectural interventionour new delivered and companion exposure (on view until May 1, 2022) resulting from the one-year survey catch up on life with which we explore the ability (or lack thereof) of architecture to evolve in dialogue with society.

A section of now urges architecture to begin to confront and address our altered and changing social norms. The publication serves as a meditation on new behaviors, rituals and values ​​and their spatial implications, and seeks to catalyze urban and architectural interventions that adapt, influence and, in some cases, anticipate our new lived realities. The authors address a range of topics that broaden understanding of our changing societal relationships – Jen Schradie examines the safety of digital spaces, Ann Neumann reflects on how normative life trajectories affect older people, and Nina Power focuses on many selves that each of us brings to the fore – as the architects share new take on the design brief: Sam Jacob presents a framework for spaces for blended families, Karla Rothstein proposes a space for voluntary euthanasia, and Mario Gooden questions the role of disputed monuments, among many others. Bringing together analytical essays on the contemporary moment and the direction in which society is moving, projective texts that describe new architectural types to meet the needs and aspirations of society, as well as television series, photographs and projects of architecture and design, A Section of Now sketches a new relationship between the spaces we live in and the ways we live in them.

A section of now is edited by Giovanna Borasi and co-published with Spector Books, with a selection of photographs curated by Melissa Harris and television series by Andrea Bellavitaand with texts by Agency—Agency, Mario Gooden, Helen Hester, Sam Jacob, Andrés Jaque, Joanne McNeil, Ann Neumann, Nina Power, Anna Puigjaner, Karla Rothstein, Hilary Sample, Jen Schradie, SO–IL, Traumnovelle, and Sumayya Vally.

Other contributors include: 2050+ and -orama; Christopher Anderson; Nicolas Asfouri, Assemble Studio; Space Technology Center; certain measures; Dan Chen; Office of Sam Chermayeff; Benson Chien and Samantha Ingallina; Aaron M. Cohen; Thadde Comar; joint accounts; Coop Himmelb(l)au; Studio Teddy Cruz+Fonna Forman and Kotti+Co; Degelo Architekten and Gamperle AG; Cynthia Deng and Arta Perezic; Jamie Diamond; DOGME and New Academy; Elena Dorfman; Widened design; Lucas Foglia; Edouard Francois House; The future market; Salwan Georges; Ginger Design Studio; Paul Graham; Michelle Groskopf; Max Hampshire, Paul Kolling and Paul Seidler; Ai Hasegawa; Go Hasegawa+Associates; Het Nieuwe Institute; HOME OFFICE; Marisa Morán Jahn and Rafi Segal; Dafyd Jones; Valerian Mazataud; June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff; Anais Langlais-Schmidt; LATENT Productions and GSAPP DeathLAB at Columbia University; Jesse The Rider; Lucy McRae; Mueller Sigrist Architekten; Christine Muschi; NHDM; Ewa Nowak; Brittany M. Powell; Alice Proujansky; Kamila Rudnicka; Nadia Sablin; Klemens Schillinger; Michael Schmelling; Jack Self; Popular Space; Giulia Spadafora; Special projects; Marie-Claire Springham; Stefan Marx; OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen; other architects; Pollard Thomas Edwards; Republic of Estonia; rework ; Something fantastic; StrongArm technologies; Office of Takahashi Ippei; Teple Misto; earth0; Brian Thomas; Elizabeth Ubbe; Foolish ; Jonas Voigt, Philipp Schmitt and Stephan Bogner; Aubrey Wade; Christoph Wagner Architekten; Nick Waplington; Williamson Williamson; Hardy Wilson; Yangying Ye.

The book is designed by Studio Folder, and is also published in French under the title A portion of the present: social norms and rituals as sites of architectural intervention.

The CCA’s Year-Long Investigation catch up on life (2021-2022) manifested in the lecture series An extended family, which focuses on the relationship of architecture to the changing organization of the family in society; a collaboration with e-flux architecture on the new spatialities of work and inequalities, entitled Workplace; a thematic web number A social reset concerning the issue of alignment (or misalignment) between societal transformations and architectural transformations; a short documentary series in three parts, starting with What it takes to make a house in 2019, on the homeless, followed by When we live alonewhich explores the ways in which we live alone together in contemporary cities (public release April 2022), and concludes with a third, on the elderly, currently in production and to be published in 2023. These formats are in addition to the exhibition and its companion book, A section of now: social norms and rituals as sites of architectural intervention. We will soon be launching The possessiona social media pilot project, to explore how notions of ownership are constructed through legal and bureaucratic mechanisms.

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