5 Essential Legal Marketing Tips for Successful Law Firms

Marketing your law firm, whether you like it or not, is a necessary part of attracting and retaining clients. Because even if you’re adamant that providing good service should be enough to grow your business, marketing plays a vital role in the overall success of your law firm.

Plus, marketing your law firm today isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago. Whether you’ve just opened your practice or have been in it for a while, it’s easy to fall behind on the latest marketing methods and tips to get the best return on investment. Without further ado, here are five top tips for marketing your law firm in 2022.

1. Your website matters

Your website should be the cornerstone of your entire marketing strategy. But why does your law firm need a website when your business is visible from the street or featured in the local newspaper?

It establishes your credibility

If a potential client searches for you on Google and doesn’t find a website for your law firm, they may question the validity of your business. After all, in a world where even amateur photographers have websites, why wouldn’t a lawyer have a website as proof of their existence.

Your law firm’s website is an opportunity to shine by showcasing your strengths and proving that you are as credible, if not more so, than your local competitors. Use real estate on your website to highlight cases you’ve won and share client testimonials – show a potential client why you’re the best person for the job. This is done both by demonstrating your abilities and the human element of your business. Beyond the content of your website, design and user experience are just as important.

It should look professional and well-built, with an easy-to-navigate layout. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you hire a qualified professional to design your website.

Your design should have:

It generates leads and increases visibility

The more SEO optimized your law firm’s website is, the higher you will appear in Google results. The higher you appear in Google’s search results, the higher the likelihood that you will be found by someone seeking legal representation in their area.

By nature, humans want as simple an experience as possible. 95% of internet users will never click past the first page of Google search results, aka Google SERP. Yet 25% of people will call the top three law firms listed. In short, if you do not appear on page 1 of Google, you may as well not exist.

This will simplify your client intake process

If you are a small business without the luxury of a reception staff, your website can serve as a full-time receptionist. It can provide answers to frequently asked questions, helpful information such as your location, the ability to schedule consultations yourself, and a client intake form for prospects to fill out that will automatically feed their information into your client software. admission.

From then on, potential customers are tracked through every step of the customer journey, ensuring no engagement opportunity is missed. Client intake software seamlessly moves leads from stage to stage through personalized marketing workflows, not only saving you time, but also delivering a positive customer experience at every stage .

2. Embrace the TikTok era

We live in a digital world where people are more distracted than ever. While words are always valuable, it’s much easier to grab someone’s attention with a video than with a wall of text. Platforms like TikTok are fun and entertaining, and in these times of Covid, climate crisis and political unrest, many are looking to escape the exhausting news cycle. Besides entertainment, video also humanizes your business, which in turn makes you and your staff more accessible to legal consumers.

The advantage of video is that there are many ways to use it as a marketing tool. Some attorneys are finding great success adding a quick 30-second legal tip to their social media channels each week. Others create fun and insightful videos about the rarely seen side of a lawyer’s life. It all depends on how much work you are willing and able to put into video creation. In the end, it’s better to have something than nothing, so don’t worry about production value or media experience. Whether or not you’re ready to learn a TikTok dance, one thing’s for sure, video grabs more people’s attention in today’s distracted society, even if it’s as simple as a quick informational video. recorded with your iPhone.

3. Five stars or bust

We live in a starry world where consumers value a Google review as much as a personal recommendation. Not only will a good rating on Google make you more credible with potential customers, it will also translate to higher rankings in Google search results. Don’t forget that the winners are at the top. If you haven’t set up a Google My Business profile yet, you might want to—now!

Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews — in fact, it’s encouraged, especially when customers have visibly or verbally expressed their satisfaction with your service.

If you somehow manage to get a bad review, don’t panic. A negative review among a group of positive reviews is unlikely to harm your overall reputation. The best way to respond is to stay calm, apologize, and offer a solution if you can.

On the other hand, if you notice the same negative points in reviews, this may be an opportunity to address the issue and make changes if necessary. Even though criticism can be hard on your ego, criticism can be an extremely effective way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

4. Leave the legwork to the marketing software

Email remains one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication. For this reason, launching a weekly newsletter remains an extremely effective way to stay ahead. If you’re thinking, “You want me to learn TikTok and now you’re asking me to take time out of my already sparse schedule to write a weekly newsletter?” don’t worry, there is software for that.

The last thing lawyers need is a more time-consuming task to add to their plate. That’s why delegating your marketing efforts to automation software can change the weather. Marketing automation makes it easy to send scheduled, personalized content to specific mailing lists using audience segmentation software.

With automation, you can create a digital marketing campaign that delivers relevant messages to the right person at the right time, on autopilot. Automation features like drip email marketing send emails based on triggers you choose, whether someone signs up for your newsletter or schedules a consultation.

Plus, you can track every interaction and analyze contact behavior with data to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

5. Start a blog

A blog is a great way to create new content on your website that satisfies Google’s search engine, while establishing your authority and legal experience. The more relevant and informative you can make each blog post, the more likely legal consumers are to read and share your content.

If you don’t know where to start, try to start by answering the questions most frequently asked by your customers. Offer a hot legal tip of the day or highlight one of your staff. Get to know the most frequently searched phrases related to your area of ​​practice, such as “how long do debt collectors have to sue for payment?” or “Is it legal to record a conversation?” Finding out what questions people are asking can be a great source for writing information for your legal blog.

Be sure to sprinkle your blog with plenty of relevant keywords that will push your content even higher in Google search results, known as SEO (short for search engine optimization). Check out our guide to law firm SEO marketing here.

Stand out and grow your practice

Marketing a law firm can seem like a time-consuming part of running a law firm that you’d rather not have to deal with. Nevertheless, it is a necessary ingredient for law firms that want to generate more clients at a steady pace.

Yet, marketing your law firm and generating a steady flow of leads is not enough. You will need to have an effective system in place to keep track of all your contacts and ensure no opportunity is missed. When you consider that the average law firm takes three or more days to respond, it’s easy to see that many busy attorneys struggle to track the success of their marketing efforts.

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