Monthly Archives: January 2021

Violations of social norms stretch the imagination

Source: Tyler Merbler / Wikimedia The past few months have been rich in extraordinary events: a US president attacking the legitimacy of a US election, senators and congressmen refusing to certify an electoral vote, an armed insurgency on Capitol Hill. News commentators have called these events “unimaginable,” which is a …

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Appearance, social norms keep students away from Zo

ITHACA, NY – When the semester moved online amid the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, Cornell University instructor Mark Sarvary and his faculty decided to cheer – but not to force the students to turn on their cameras. It did not turn out as they had hoped. “Most of our students …

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How social norms deepen the digital gender divide

As a parent, would you want your daughter to fall behind your son? Does its potential remain untapped? Most likely not. Yet this is the case for many adolescent girls in Bangladesh, whose parents – often unwittingly and with respect for traditional gender norms – handicap their potentials by preventing …

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