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Do not expectorate: Confusing social norms and moral law

My mom likes to tell us about the noble effort in the town of Clendenin, West Virginia, to stop spitting outside the Smoke Shop. They put up a sign saying “Do not expectorate” because a sign saying “Do not spit” would have been vulgar. Needless to say, those old boys …

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A social norms model based on ranking how people judge their level of intoxication when they are intoxicated | BMC Public Health

1. Room R, Babor T, Rehm J. Alcohol and public health. Lancet. 2005; 365: 519-30. PubMed Google Scholar article 2. Leigh BC. Peril, chance, adventure: notions of risk, alcohol consumption and risky driving in young adults. Addiction. 1999; 94: 371-83. CAS PubMed Google Scholar article 3. Perkins HW. Investigating the …

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