20 unspoken social rules everyone should know and follow

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In life, we follow so many rules; work rules, house rules, traffic rules, laws, etc. At school, they teach us about geography, biology, math, literature and whatever stuff you can think of but they didn’t teach us anything about ethics, good manners, social rules or how to grow up. as decent, caring and respectable human beings. Then, only if you are lucky enough, your parents either passed on “the decent gene” to you or they spent time teaching you how to be.

Some rules are neither said nor written, but everyone is expected to know them. So, to make it more explicit, here are some social rules you need to know and follow to make your life and the lives of others much easier and more flexible.

1. Don’t continuously call someone more than once unless it’s a really urgent question and if they don’t answer, wait for them to call back. They may be sleeping, sick, busy, or have something important to do.

2. When someone offers you lunch or dinner, don’t buy the most expensive item on the menu. Also, deal with them next time.

3. Only suggest dividing the check if your dish is the cheapest among the rest.

4. Don’t lend what you’ve borrowed. If it’s not yours, don’t pretend it is.

5. If you borrow money from someone, return it before they even ask you to.

6. If you are borrowing someone’s car, refuel before you return it.

7. Say “Please” and “Thank you”

8. Be nice and kind to waiters, cleaners, helpers, drivers or anyone providing you a service and treat them with the same respect you would give a manager or CEO.

9. Do not interrupt the person speaking. Wait for them to finish then say whatever you want.

10. When someone speaks directly to you, give them your attention.

11. Two things you shouldn’t offer unless asked, advice and advice.

12. Respect the personal space and privacy of others.

13. If someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right. If they want to show you the rest, they will.

14. When you hurt someone, say “Sorry” and don’t spoil your apology with unnecessary excuses just to justify what you did.

15. Do not break your promise or make it if you are not sure you can keep it.

16. When someone tells you a secret, take them to your grave with you, even if you wake up as enemies the next morning.

17. Don’t plan in front of those you aren’t ready to invite, especially if it’s your house, your birthday, or a special occasion.

18. Do not whisper something to someone when there is only one more person sitting with the two of you.

19. Never go to someone’s house without being invited or without letting them know in advance that you are going there.

20. Smile.

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