The credit bureau information remains a trade secret!

Credit bureau is not obligated to provide consumers with comprehensive information on the calculation of their credit rating in the event of a negative credit rating.

Trade secret

Trade secret

Last Tuesday, the decision of the Federal Court fell. So with the credit bureau is the consumer no detailed information guilty of a loan has been rejected. The court in Karlsruhe has passed its verdict and thus rejected an appeal suit. A 54-year-old employee from Hesse has complained and lost. She wanted to know exactly how your personal scores came about and why she was so poorly judged by the credit bureau. It all started with a loan. The woman from Hesse had the desire for a new car. She wanted to finance the new vehicle from the bank, but the credit bureau did not give the green light and the credit was denied. The first time it was just a name confusion, but the second credit bureau information also broke a surprise. Although it worked on the second attempt and the credit was approved, but the woman was surprised by her personal bad credit rating. Only 92.9 in a borrowing and 81.1 percent compared to the telecommunications companies, so low rated the credit bureau their credit rating, although it has enjoyed a good reputation with other companies.

The 54-year-old employee went to court, she wanted to know exactly how and why her credit rating was so poorly assessed. The BGH now had to decide if and who, what data you must disclose credit bureau. Before the lower instance, the credit bureau won the lawsuit. The Federal Court of Justice joined the decision and the appeal was rejected. She credit bureau herself argues in this case that this is a trade secret and the procedure in the calculation of the base score can not be disclosed.

The credit bureau collects data about me, but which?

The credit bureau collects data about me, but which?

This question is asked by many consumers who have once been confronted with the credit bureau. Whether you order at one of the numerous mail order companies on account or apply for a loan, your credit bureau information will be requested. But what can the bank or the dealer know about us? The credit bureau collects data on more than 66 million Germans. So the credit bureau is by far one of the largest credit bureaus in Germany.

The credit bureau stores personal data, name, date and place of birth and address. But much more important are the financial features such as the number of accounts, their loans, mobile and leasing contracts. Financial features include pending direct debits, unpaid bills and reminders. According to the legislature may only be stored who, the claim is legally binding and in the case of a statute of limitations, the entry must be deleted. Each consumer has once a year the opportunity to learn more about his credit bureau through a free self-assessment. So it is advisable to use this opportunity to correct errors in the assessment quickly.

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