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Since then, banks have to follow stricter rules when granting loans. Instead of renting, you pay a monthly amount for the house or apartment with the Raiffeisen housing loan. The purchase of a house and thus the credit for buying a house is a unique thing in life for most Germans. Use our loan calculator and calculate your home purchase with the desired amount. You receive your personal offer directly online. an elucidation on

apartment Sale

apartment Sale

Buying a house is a desirable undertaking for many people. Clear advantages: Instead of a rent to a homeowner, you invest in your own property when you buy a house. However, very few are able to bring the money for the purchase of a house in cash on the market. The purchase of a house is therefore primarily dependent on an attractive financing option.

Ideally, the monthly installments for buying a home are insignificantly higher than the rent. The good thing is: Since credit institutions have an equivalent value for home purchase financing, it often offers particularly advantageous conditions for buying a home. However, keep in mind the details of house financing. An allegedly favorable interest can refrain from the purchase of a house by various additional costs again.

So take a look at which form of financing is the right one for your home purchase. When buying a house offers you not only favorable interest, with us also no further accruing fees for you. Since your home purchase is important to us, we give you a Besdres for home purchase.

So if you find within 8 days a cheaper purchase offer for your house at another house bank, you can return your balance for the home purchase with us. Use our loan calculator and calculate your home purchase with the amount you have chosen. You get your individual price quote online.

Do you have any more information about your home purchase or would you prefer to talk to us by phone about details of your home purchase, please contact us! 

Credit Calculator – Calculate installment loans online

Credit Calculator - Calculate <a href=installment loans online” />

You want a small loan or a car with a cheap loan and a small installment? if you want to match loans and sign up online. Find out here which monthly charge you have with the corresponding installment credit! The online loan calculator calculates the monthly installments and the total interest expense.

For mortgage or home purchase, please use our mortgage calculator. Enter your details in the appropriate input fields and press the “calculate” button! In the installment calculation, the bank-usual “savings bank formula” is used. The interest generally mentioned by the house bank is not an annual interest, but 12 times the “effective monthly interest rate”.

The interest-rate effects thus occur already after the first calendar month, so that the annual effective interest rate is always higher than that prescribed by the house bank. The nominal interest is even greater, because these costs are taken into account! To replace the installment loan at an early stage, you can make out the remaining debt after a certain period of time.

In the Month field, enter the desired month and press the “Remaining debt” button.

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