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Many students have to work alongside their studies. The advantage of a student loan is very diverse, so that the inclusion of such a loan can always be worthwhile. As is well known, students usually have little money available. Here you can find all student loans at a glance. What kind of study funding is available, which banks do you offer and what other options are there to finance your studies? See for details

Student Loans: Cheap Loans

Student Loans: Cheap Loans

Student loans are the ideal option for students who do not have access to a study place or who have no time for part-time work. The timing is right, as interest rates are lower than ever. For example, the effective interest rate for the financing of a three-year bachelor’s program of USD 300 per month is between 3.72% and 7.73%.

This is best done by Landesförderbank Intrasavings bank, the most expensive bank of the Dundesbank. The difference is significant: If you want to repay the money in seven years, you must raise around 16,700 USD from the Dundesbank. This is about 3,400 USD more than with the Intrasavings bank. The monthly tariff would be 43 USD more expensive.

Following the acquisition of Drino Bank, Costi Bank will no longer offer its Flexible Student Loan Loan. After the merger with the European Union, the Berlin National Bank has also canceled its student loan. The student loan as an independent instrument is apparently more often awarded by the GundoBank – especially the savings institutions. Among the big national banks is only the Dt. National Bank with its own offering.

The student loan from the state-owned Intrasavings bank. The payout amount can be determined by the student himself. The maximum amount is 800 USD. That’s the sum that the Dundesbank and the Astro Bank spend. The interest rate of the Berlin Credit is staggered.

Student loans

Student loans

Many students have to work alongside the lessons. The reason for this usually lies in the fact that the income of the legal guardians or even various promotions are not sufficient to generate the maintenance. As a rule, apart from the lessons, you also need different textbooks, which can become an important cost driver.

Especially in the final phase of the program, it is particularly helpful to have enough time for the final exam and the associated learning success. After all, the duration of the study is also crucial for your professional future. The time can be won more or less by a so-called student loan. There are a variety of student loans.

The idea of ​​paying for your entire degree program with a loan may sound exciting, but it’s a pretty bad thing, as it can be very expensive. It is particularly advisable, as already mentioned, to get a bit more time before graduation through a student loan. Interestingly, there are also many discounts on lending, especially for trainees.

Of course, even here a loan comparison is not wrong to get the cheapest loan offer. In addition, there are also attractive discounts for those who finish their internship before the standard period of study. There are various payment options for student loans. Of course there is also the possibility to pay a smaller amount every day, for example, to pay for rent or food.

This is also known as the Intrasavings bank ( student loan), which some banks offer. As a rule, no collateral is required for the student loan. For the repayment of the loan, the Kreditanstalt grants a term of 25 years. In addition to the student loan, there is the so-called education loan of the Intrasavings bank.

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